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Letter of Recommendation – Vandenberg Air Force Base

Sep 28, 2016 | Company News


FROM: Richard Sherry, Chief, Facilities and Infrastructure, National Reconnaissance Office, Office of Space Launch, Vandenberg AFB, CA

SUBJECT: Letter of Recommendation, Blum and Sons, Past Project Completions at NRO/OSL/VAFB, CA

Mr Blum.

It is a pleasure to write this to you for your efforts to date supporting the mission of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Office of Space Launch (OSL) at Vandenberg AFB, CA.

While this letter cannot be an official endorsement from the NRO, it will serve to compliment Blum and Sons on work done to date over the past 4-5years supporting the mission of the NRO .

To whom it may concern. The NRO at VAFB has several difficult tasks, one mission is to launch spacecraft satellites for the nation. As such, reliable power is essential. Blum and Sons has consistently proven to be a valuable source for adding to design approach, cost effective work delivery, schedule on time performance, and most importantly an ability to assist and be flexible with real time schedule constraints and operational challenge while delivering construction non-interference to the 24/7 mission the NRO has.

Operating from a set of facilities some dating to 50 years old, the NRO has recently been performing repairs by replacement on technical power systems including the12kv commercial power, 480v back up power gensets and ATS systems, and Uninterruptable Power Supply replacements. These are challenging and critical set of tasks, and in general (there is a desire to “spread the work” to other contractors), Blum and Sons is the first choice for these types of projects as the capability to deliver has been proven, and this confidence and ability to deliver is vital to the mission.

There are many successful examples. The most recent performed as subcontract to BVB Construction accomplished installation of new 1600 Amp Main-Tie- Main switchgear, lower tier distribution and ATS hardware designed by AECOM, supporting the Technical Support Facility at VAFB, all essentially transparent to the ongoing mission activity, which was coexisting with construction.

Blum and Sons continues to be a provider of choice.

For further info feel free to call-805-733-5022.

Richard Sherry, P.E.

Chief Facility and Infrastructure, NRO/OSL/VAFB

License #494283 (C-10)